Mantra Marbles Soap Challenge

  • Columbine Honey

This month’s challenge club technique was Mantra Marbles! It is a beautiful effect, and I was very excited to try it. In the tutorial video, Amy recommends using a slow moving soap recipe to best achieve the swirls. Unfortunately, I did not have enough confidence in my ability to improvise leak proof dividers for my slab mold, so I went with a medium tracing recipe, hoping the different colors would stay put. Then, it kind of turned into a fast tracing recipe once I added the scent. Ugh! The video is a bit comical as I try to do an intricate pattern with soap the consistency of mashed potatoes. 🙂 I used micas for colorant and did a gold mica swirl in the top. Here’s how it turned out:



And here is the video of me making it:

  • Grace

So, I kind of like how that one turned out, but it is not what I was hoping to enter for this contest, so I tried again. This time I used a new fragrance that smells a bit like Philosophy’s Amazing Grace. I called it “Grace”. I really like blues/purples/and teals, so I went with micas in those hues. Then, I mixed some glitter with a bit of olive oil to make something like a mica swirl on the top, but with glitter. I really like how much the glitter shows up in the final product.

I used my favorite slow tracing recipe, but was foiled again by the fragrance, which caused accelleration! I KNOW better than to try out a new scent when I need the batter to stay thin. Oh well. I used a spoon handle for the swirling to really pull the colors through. Here’s the cut soap:

_TSM3091 _TSM3098

And here’s the video:

  • Refresh Detox III

Next, I needed to make some more of my Refresh Detox soap, because I was all out. I decided to use different clays as the colorants and essential oils for the scent, so it would be a completely natural soap. I used bentonite, kaolin, rose, sea, and rhassoul clays. I also added some honey for luxurious bubbles. The batter behaved perfectly, and I love the clear mantra pattern that showed up in the final product:



And here is the video:

  • Ruby Red

Well, I couldn’t stop experimenting with this technique, so I went ahead and made one more batch. This time I used a fragrance blend I like to call “Ruby Red.” It needed bright happy colors, so I went with pinks, oranges, and reds. I was planning to do another mica/glitter line in this batch, but somehow I forgot. Once again, the batter behaved perfectly and I was able to do the combing technique on the multi colored portion. This one turned out to be my favorite both because of the scent and because of the colors. Here it is cut:

_TSM3124_TSM3114_TSM3117 _TSM3120

And here is the video:

This was an awesome challenge! I sure do love trying out new techniques. Thank you, Amy Warden, for hosting the challenge! I can’t wait to see all the entries.



38 thoughts on “Mantra Marbles Soap Challenge

      1. I surely watched the videos, yours are very nicely done – they are definitely worth watching! I also shared the link with some of my friends. 🙂


  1. Wow! You really went to town with this one! But then again, so did I….had to see what the different variations would look like, right? Really love the color palette on your entry soap. Gorgeous swirls!!


  2. I like all of the soaps you tried. Your clay one inspires me because I would love to do more of that type soap with the essentials. Your entry soap is pretty cool, love the color combo cause I’m a pink anything type of girl. Good luck!


  3. These are all wonderful! Thank you so much for making videos – I learn a lot from them.
    The colors in all are lovely – my favorite is the purple, I’m just a purple kind of person.
    Good luck on the vote!


    1. Thank you, Sly! I am so glad you watch the videos!! I just started making them and sometimes wonder if its worth the trouble.
      I was very very close to choosing the purple one for the contest. It was my mom’s favorite, too. I never know which one is the best to enter. I guess you just have to go with your gut. 🙂


  4. You worked so hard on those soaps Teressa, your will got you to a gorgeous soap! They are all beautiful, but the last one is bursting with vibrant colours. All my congratulations! I love them and thanks for the videos. It is very time consuming to edit them…


  5. Teressa, I love this site, your soaps, your videos, and that you are so generous about sharing information.

    I am a regular poster over on and posted a link to your page a while ago saying something like “y’all, this soaper is great! And generous! Check out her page and videos!” Several people already knew of you, and the other people who responded were really impressed.

    I don’t follow that many blogs, I do yours b/c I think it is so good. Right up there w/HMIF, Celine Blacow, Emily Shieh and others who make great soaps and are willing to share about how they do it.


    1. Wow! That is such a wonderful comment! I often wonder if it’s worth the trouble to make these videos, and if anyone actually watches them. It is so wonderful to hear that you do! I will check out those other blogs to see what I can learn there. I have seen HMIF, and love her soaps.
      Sorry I don’t post very often. I will try to be better about that! I have 4 kiddos, home school, and general craziness that I have to get past before I get time to work on the blog. 🙂


  6. I know how crazy life can get (plus 4 kids and home schooling, OMG.) I am just glad that you post when you do, and I can learn so much from *when* you do.

    I am not a techie person, so don’t know how to guage what your response rate is. I *do* know that if I find a site like yours I am pretty careful about checking back and seeing if you have anything new (I tried to sign up for auto updates, but I don’t think it worked). Keep doing them, I think you will end up surprised about how many people find you.

    Your videos are kind of *like* HMIF’s, IMO, in their aesthetic (they are v. easy to watch, follow, and do not take an interminable amount of time like some) in terms of creating beautiful soaps and showing how to do them. But I actually like your videos better than hers – espec. in combination w/your blog posts – b/c I think you are better about actually sharing more specifics about how to do them.

    There are so many websites from people that make nice soaps but do not share more than pictures, I am afraid I do not bother w/them for the most part anymore.

    Anyway, please know that there are people out in the distant ethernet that check in and appreciate you! If you need some soapy fellowship at any point, check in on, it is there if you want it. I am not_ally there.


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