Making Earl Gray Soap

Earl Gray Soap

Earl Gray is my favorite tea. I drink it every morning. I used to love coffee, but after the birth of baby #4, I just lost my taste for it. I was in denial for a year or two, and like a lemming, kept trying coffee every few months, but, alas, I just don’t like the stuff any more. So, then I tried a few other morning beverages. When I found Earl Gray, I was home 🙂

So, anyhow, I wanted to make a soap that was Earl Gray (ish). I found a scent with that name and bought a small bottle online. It doesn’t really smell very much like the tea. It is, however, a very pleasant smell, and I added some orange and black pepper essential oils to get the scent a little closer to the tea.

Choosing colors was challenging. I typically don’t like orange and brown together, but I wanted to put actual ground up tea leaves in the soap, which would definitely be brown, and then I wanted to highlight the orange/bergamot scent with an orange swirl. Finally I decided to add some white to break up the colors a bit. I did a hanger swirl with the white and orange in the brown base. I really like the brownish/gray color the tea leaves turned, and the color palette worked out!

The final result is a nice, hard bar that is scrubby from the tea leaves and smells great. Here’s the video showing how I made it:


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