Making Infused Oil


I just used up my herb infused olive oil this morning, and it’s time to make some more! I originally made this infusion for a friend of mine who suffers from excema. I did a bunch of research and found as many herbs as I could which were known to treat excema. The infusion lasted me a long time, as it was made with olive oil (long shelf life) and kept in the refrigerator between uses.

Today I am using organic extra virgin olive oil again, and added a whole bunch of herbs that are good for skin care. In today’s infusion are:

  • organic calendula –  antibacterial and immunostimulant, helps heal broken skin
  • organic yarrow – helps heal rashes and broken skin
  • organic rose hips – helps regenerate skin, hydrates, contains vitamin C
  • chamomile – soothes skin, helps heal  broken skin
  • comfrey – helps heal rashes
  • organic cape aloe – helps heal rashes, soothes sunburns
  • organic nettle leaf – anti inflammatory, soothes burns, treats acne
  • organic plantain leaf – antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, helps with itchy skin
  • chickweed – helps heal broken skin, helps with itchy skin

So, after about six weeks in a sunny window, this oil will be ready to be strained and used in lotions and balms. The lotion will be available here in July.. I can’t wait!! 🙂


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