Making Soap with a Friend

Ta Da! Rainbow Soap Bars
Tada! Cedarwood Rainbow Handmade Soap

I recently made a new friend! Its Johnelle Howes from Johnelles. It is so nice to have a friend to share in soap making trials and triumphs! We decided to make soap together this week.

We decided on rainbow soap. I used my signature recipe, which is notorious for its slow trace (usually a good thing!), and I barely emulsified it. I wanted to have plenty of time in case there was any problem with my new colorants from TKB Trading. These are their neon CP soap colorants, which come pre-dispersed in glycerine. These colors are super bright, and very pretty in the bottle! We separated our batter out into 6 cups, and colored each one. It took a lot of mixing with my mini mixer to get those colors incorporated, and their were still some tiny specks that didn’t mix completely, but the colors did turn out very nice.  My plan was to lightly swirl each color with white batter before pouring into the mold in layers. I used cedarwood essential oil to scent this batch, and a tiny smidge of patchouli to round it out.

Too late, I realized that this batter was not thick enough! Neither the color or the scent did anything to accelerate the trace. By the time I realised this, I had already poured some white into each colored cup for my ITP swirls, and I didn’t want to blend any more, because it would ruin the swirling effect. So we just decided to go out on the deck and have a glass of iced tea while we waited for things to firm up a bit. It gave us a chance to chat about raising children, and a few other things we have in common!

Well, after two glasses of tea, we checked, and the batter was still super thin. We waited a bit longer, and then decided to just go for it! Johnelle held the spatula to help the layers not break through and I poured. So, because it was still so thin, we didn’t get the clean layers we were originally hoping for, but the soap still turned out very pretty!! I’m glad I kept the white swirls, because it lightens up the feel of the bars so nicely.

After pouring, we decided to make a little glitter rainbow on top. I had just received my tower of rainbow colored glitter from TKB, and was anxious to try it out. I finished it off with a little swirl, and Voila! Cedarwood Rainbow Handmade Soap!

Thanks, Johnelle, my new soaping friend!

Johnelle making soap with me!
Johnelle making soap with me!
The finished soap, before getting cut into bars.
The finished soap, before getting cut into bars.

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